When Vince and Linda McMahon founded World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), I bet they never thought it would eventually be worth $3 billion (R36 billion). Rousey made a big impression at WrestleMania, but now she needs to work matches on a regular basis, and her longtime friend and training partner is the perfect person with whom to have a real feud… Read More

Our lighting specialists use the latest technology to create amazing effects. LED fixtures are making a positive impact on the lighting market, and are becoming more popular when compared to the energy usage of current incandescent, halogen, and discharge sources. Theatrical lighting systems gained a great improvement when inventor Thomas Drummond … Read More

Wildlife photographer Sam Rowley has teamed up with NatureTTL for a new video tutorial about photographing birds in flight. Many young photographers can afford neither, so to them I recommend partnering with a non-profit doing work in their area of interest or expertise. Always keep an eye on the forest floor - this applies to researchers, tourists… Read More

Could it be a cultural throw back? Over 3 years in the making, the self-titled "Shadow People" is a meticulously produced, bass-heavy peek into a post-apocalyptic landscape populated by people living in the shadows. If you have ever been in the presence of a shadow person, you know they ooze with spiritual un-wellness and nakedness and are obviou… Read More