The smart Trick of Marko Stout That Nobody is Discussing

Marko Stout is a popular multimedia artist based out of NYC, famous for his stimulating narratives of contemporary urban society.

Marko Stout is a classic contemporary artist known for his gritty industrial pop fashion with a focus on New York City and contemporary urban lifestyle. Stout produces work in many different media including painting, print, sculpture, film, movie, photography and new media.

Mark Stout is also known for its International"Edible Apple Film Festival" in downtown NYC with the sole aim of promoting advanced avant-garde art works and experimental movie that was founded in 2015 by Stout.

Stout was showcased on The Huffington Post after his tour with his artwork installation Chelsea Girls.

Marko Stout was born in South Africa and adheres to the States as a kid. Marko developed his passion for art while living aboard a houseboat from the bohemian San Francisco community of Sausalito. Upon his return to New York City Marko Stout rapidly established himself as a part of New York City's downtown art scene, drawing inspiration from neighborhood street artists, the city's many galleries and contemporary art museums. Marko Stout's works can be viewed at numerous international exhibitions, galleries of fine art, personal collections. Marko Stout solo galleries are located in NYC, Chicago, chelsea art galleries Miami, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Madrid.

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